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Pretty much everyone has a still and/or video camera today, capturing life's fun times, life's firsts, just life in general. With the introduction of compact GoPro cameras, and similar cameras, it's pretty easy to document all the fun, silly, crazy things we do today. I've learned that most people capture it and store it, that's it. Imagine if those videos were edited from 1 or 2 hours of footage to an entertaining action-packed music video. Even a few minutes of original footage can be turned into some pretty cool entertainment. How cool would that be to share.
So you've just shot some awesome footage, a great vacation, a cool mountain bike ride, that intense climb at the gym, a leisurely day at the park with friends and family, anything you'd like to share with friends but it's just so long to watch it all. Who wants, or has the time, to sit through that? What if I could edit it down to about a 5 minute music video, picking out the fun, exciting shots, adding cool effects, with an entertaining music soundtrack, maybe even leave in that audio where you had something really funny to say. You could email it to everyone or post it to your YouTube or Vimeo channel, (their FREE) or just share it on your favorite social media site. You could share it anytime, with anyone, anywhere.

Your video, my editing.
Heres how:

Simply make a copy of your SD card, (video files) keep one copy for yourself and send us the other copy. We'll send it back but just in case it gets misplaced you'll always have a copy.
We will edit your video and send (Dropbox, online) you back the results, or if you require us to ship (mail) your finished video back to you on DVD or a flash drive, just let us know and we'll make it happen.

Your original footage, plus photos (if you have some), plus a sound track, plus our editing, will result in a very entertaining music video that might get worn out from playing too much.
But it's digital, so play it till the neighbours can't take it anymore.

Tips for the best video-Steady as she goes.


I believe the hardest video to watch is a shakey video. Tripods are not always practical but one thing you always do have with you is your imagination. Setting your camera on something stable works well. Every video is different but with just a little imagination you can achieve some pretty cool videos. Think of the perspective. Your camera at ground level while you walk towards or away or even both. A towel, sweater, or any fabric can easily be adapted as a makeshift camera platform. I've carried with me a small ziplock bag of rice (depending on camera size) and set it down on the ground, on a table, on a step, set the camera on it, moved it around a bit so it molds to the camera at the angle I want and tadaa... instant tripod. I just make sure the camera is pointing upward to capture less of the ground and more of my subject. Feel free to contact me for help or ideas.









A girl and her Dad,
a rainy day, a few skimboards and a golf coarse. I hear they watch this video occasionally to bring back the awesomeness of that day.

A surprise 40th
B-Day party. Some great photos, a little video and WOW! One great memory to last a lifetime.



This customer regularly sends us his adventure videos and lets us have our way with the editing. I'm guessing he's been happy with the results. 15 years later and we're still receiving projects to edit.